Darkness Revealed

"The Depths of Madness" Summary

Available Team members

Janusz Starek
Juan Brimley
Mel Ferrera
Revolution Flynn
Volke Subrick
William Jones


After the somewhat ill-planned detention of Dr Polidori half the team were in prison, one other was guarding a somewhat politically sensitive enhanced psion corpse and the remainder were in hospital. Team Aleph’s first case was going well.

While Gunso Jones amused himself in hospital in unguessable ways Seaman Ferrera decided to comprehensively psychically compromise Dr Lukas Polidori’s mind. Having no way to detect when he was asleep, and judging his protestations at having his memories involuntarily plundered would be ignored by the local police she proceeded to plumb the depths of his brain for details of his involvement with the ongoing problems. Among other details, Ferrera learned that Polidori’s next port of call would on Boltzmann Cylinder at the Earth-Moon L1 point, in particular at the company town Guidelight, the headquarters of telecommunications firm Linma Telcom.

Less than a day after his incarceration a trio of figures came and removed Juan Brimley from prison, for unknown reasons. Due to one of the spectacular failures of intra-team communication that this team will no doubt become famous for, no one apart from Mel noticed for several days.

Meanwhile at a nearby Aeon safehouse Janusz Starek and a Triton Division investigation team where taking the body of the deceased Dr Ross to pieces, in an effort to find out the origins and functions of his implants. Demonstrating truly startling scientific knowledge and understanding Janusz Starek actually succeeded in making a contribution to this highly technical endeavour. In implants where comprised of a mixture of human and Aberrant nerve tissue within a heavily modified biomatrix. The Triton team worked fast, and prepared to destroy the body as fast a possible. Something about not wanting to trigger a purge of another Psi order.

Revolution, in between painting, decided that as the only team member free, active and undistracted (not to mention the lens of Gnostic reality) it was up to him to attempt to solve the problem represented by the fact that Dr Polidori was, legally speaking, being imprisoned for being assaulted. He thus contacted Ramirez and instructed him to start preparing the legalities for getting the team and the good doctor to be released. In cooperation with Operative Subrick (who Mr Flynn had persuaded to help by canceling his enhanced medical coverage) they evolved a plan consisting of: 1) Release Polidori 2) Use some of the more unsavory elements of Lunar society to kidnap him and imprison him in a warehouse. This plan somewhat fell apart when the thugs in question became aware that at no point would Polidori actually be venturing out of the well guarded and well policed upper town. As the dynamic duo also had no idea no idea of Polidori’s eventual route their plan also seemed to involve kidnapping him from the one building he was sure to exit at some point – the police station.

Consulting with Mr Starek a plan was eventually evolved where Mr Starek would use the rudimentary voice emulation capacities of HAL to attempt to convince Dr Polidori to go a specific area in Downside, by appearing to him as the Minerva avatar and directing him to his “retrieval squad”. Revolution Flynn secured a van, containing a crate (with limited ventilation) and set about securing a) a driver and b) fire support by arranging for the release of Ferrera and Jones from prison some three hours before the plan was due to be carried out.

The plan proceeded well. Dr Polidori appeared both panicked and completely taken in by Minerva’s apparent revelation that he was being followed and there was an extraction team waiting for him in Downside. Finding a van full of Team Aleph members he expressed a) resignation at Minerva’s far reaching influence and b) an expectation that he would shortly be killed. Deciding to avoid further conflict, and perhaps amused by the notion, Revolution Flynn played along and instructed him to climb into the box. After repeatedly protesting his importance to the Biorg Project, and receiving encouragement from Gunso Jones, the good doctor did so.

Back at the ship Flynn condescended to move his comfy chair from his cabin in order to provide secure accommodation for Dr Polidori. Gunso Jones expressed some incredulity at the fact that the Plato’s Cave was still not equipped with Vac suits, to which Mr Starek responded that he’d been busy, and had a spare in case of emergency. Considering there were six people on the ship at this point this didn’t seem to cut much ice with Mr Jones, who coldly requested some spares. Revolution Flynn promptly ordered five to be made ready at Boltzmann Cylinder.

At this point Jones raised an excellent point. Where exactly was Juan? As it turned out, Mel had seen him being taken away by a number of burly men in suits. Somewhat panicked by this, the team started speculating as to who had kidnapped their shifter. After discussion, the team decided that kick the matter upstairs, to Ramirez. He reminded the team that they had phones, and could just call him. The team did so, being informed that Juan was somewhat busy, and not to be disturbed.

After securing Polidori (and his cell) the team lifted off for the cylinder. After some debate it was decided that maintaining the pretense that Minerva was everywhere and running all things was pointless, as Polidori would realize in short order when he was questioned on the topic. Polidori was removed from his cell and brought to the galley for questioning, with Flynn acting as good cop, and Jones acting as bad psychopath. Janusz Starek, having been up for four days working on the enhanced psion corpse had taken some tranquilizers in order to get as much deep sleep as possible before arriving at the local station. He was less than pleased to be revived and brought to the mess to participate in the questioning.

Dr Polidori was able to clean up many of the ongoing questions the team had regarding the situation at Cantor station and the Beulac Clinic. Please see amended list of answered questions at the end of this report.

Polidori took some convincing that the team didn’t work for Minerva after all. Once this had been done, and after some assurance that he would not be executed out of hand, he became quite cooperative. Apparently the facility the team was heaving towards was the primary source of exotic raw material for the Beaulac clinic operation, which provided the needed Aberrant nerve tissue for their work. Linma Telcom apparently had two Aberrants, one of whom, “Nash”, provided the nerve tissue for Beaulac’s biorg experiments.

Once on station Mel’s agent informed the group at large that it had found something interesting. A slightly disturbing email (please see attachment below) containing instructions for how to slice up a number of people and preform some form of ritual to bond their spiritual energy into a single shell, making the person who dared more than a mere man and yada yada yada.

Mel’s Agent confirmed there had been a number of murders matching this pattern about six days ago, all within the holdings of Linma Telcom, an Orgotek spin-off company which handled most of the communication in and around the station.

The four members of the team who where not drugged and who had not been kidnapped/recalled by shapeshifters decided to investigate further by interviewing Mr Jacobus, chief of the Boltzmann Security Consortium. Jacobus was sceptical of the provenance of the letter, and whether or not there had actually ever been a translation of the chant attached. Back at the ship Janusz was engaged in a prolonged analysis session with the chain email, eventually concluding that it had a somewhat lower information content than black body photons – thus almost certainly not being a corrupted file as was speculated.

Jacobus was under the impression that the chain letter, the something of the Ancient Masters had been in circulation for at least the last two weeks, with it only coming to his attention some days after the murder.

Back in the cylinder the team decided to split up. Starek and Jones decided to infiltrate the local Aesculapian clinic, on the basis that if anything funny was going on it would entire possibly originate there. Meanwhile Ferrera and Subrick went about infiltrating the compound containing the communications company where the seven murders had occurred. Subrick walked up to the front door, in his personality of J. P. Lekota, and confusedly asked a) where he was and b) how he got there. The guards where somewhat confused that a minor celebrity who really should have been in Australia was talking to them, and allowed him access, presumably in fear that he do himself harm if otherwise. Ferrera turned up twenty minutes later, informing the guards that she was part of Lekota’s protection detail, and that Australian morale would suffer greatly if he was allowed to come to some form of harm. Naturally apathetic to a potential Australian morale crisis, the guard eventually allowed her access, presumably in the faint hope that she would deal with whatever emerging Lekota situation was now inevitably ongoing.

Revolution’s attempt to gain access to the compound by claiming to be J. P. Lekota’s stalker was looked on even less favourably.

Meanwhile in the hospital complex Janusz and Jones were greeted by an ebulliant and richly clothed vitakinetic by the name of Dr Victor Raskolnikovich Renko, who readmitted Jones for treatment (his injuries, remaining from the fight with Dr Ross being somewhat serious). Janusz meanwhile sourced a clip board and a sheet of paper and began exploring the hospital with a somewhat dazed expression on his face, eventually finding his way to the morgue. Here, after employing an Electrokinetic information manipulation power on the secretaries computer he was able to get close enough to one of the lab machines to download full copies of the autopsies of the apparent victims of the creator of the chain letter.

Meanwhile within Guidelight, J. P. Lekota was attempting to use undercover teleporter (or possibly Australian) bar based data retrieval techniques involving getting wasted and trying to score. Ferrera associated with a more working-class group in the same bar. Between them, they learned that there where some rumours floating round the place that the unfortunate eviscerations had been done with diamond edged weaponry. Furthermore, they established that the deaths had occurred in two tight clusters a few days ago, involving an apparently random selection of people including guards, research technicians, a refectory employee and a janitor. They also learned that the Ancient Master viral email had, in all probability, not existed before the murders.

Revolution Flynn, feeling bored and wandering round the interior of the cylinder decided to examine the weaves of fate for anything involving Aberrants. Somewhat to his delight he found a strong Gyre some distance away, in an experimental solar energy collection forest. Somewhat to his teammates eventual dismay he decided to peruse it on foot, and without backup.

Back at the clinic Jones and Janusz had finished being healed/being computationally helpful and had separately returned to the Plato’s Cave so that Janusz could analyze the autopsy reports. Around this time they where contacted by Flynn, who informed them unclearly and with some glee that he was pursuing an Aberant in the woods. This triggered some not inconsiderable panic, and Jones went for a) his guns and b) a commandered hoverbike. Being drained of Psi and sub-quantum interfaced with the Plato’s Cave Janusz decided that he could be most useful at or near police headquarters, and so headed there with a pair of binoculars to watch the developing situation from the other side of the cylinder.

Ferrera, on being informed that Rev was currently chasing an Aberrant through the woods departed the bar with some haste, after instructing J. P. Lekota to “stay here”. Lekota disobeyed roughly forty seconds later, slipping into the shadows.

On her way out of the compound Ferrera informed the gate guards that there was an ongoing Aberrant alert. The gate guards, justifiably deciding it was above their pay grade, began kicking it up the chain.

Jones hoverbiked to Flynns latest coordinates. Shortly afterwards he was joined by Ferrera and eventually Flynn as they converged on the coordinates. The four had their rendezvous perhaps 100m from the Gyre.

Meanwhile across the cylinder Janusz noticed what appeared to be a tilt rotor bearing down on their position, which started deploying combat troops. Naturally somewhat alarmed he contacted his teammates on the ground to inform them of the incoming situation.

The strike team identified as being an Orgotek Strike Team, with the appropriate codes. Having trust issues Janusz started trying to further confirm their credentials. When he was unable to do this he informed his teammates that all might not be as it seems, then started placing calls with Orgotek through the transmitters on his ship, thus bypassing the potentially compromised Linma Telcom comms arrays.

The leader of the strike team identified himself as Captain Clarke, here in response to the Aberrant alert. Noticing that they were not telling them the whole truth the team started pressing them for infofmation. Subrick identified a suspicious edge to their tone, and communicated this suspicion via Ferrera’s telepathic network. The strike team, on the pretence of forming a fire support cordon, fanned out for what could be a swift and somewhat bloody ambush. The team started forming a contingency plan over Ferrera’s network, which Flynn implemented by pointing in the direction of the Gyre and yelling “incoming”.

Ferrera meanwhile had arrived at the Gyre location, which can only be described as a scenic death pit. “Scenic Grotto” – WJ Containing a large and extremely heavily built Aberrant, which, on lamentably closer inspection, appeared to be almost entirely composed of smooth armour, with rending jaws and diamond claws. It attempted, in the ancient traditions of its people, to eat Ferrera’s face.

With the results of her reconnaissance chasing her through the forest Ferrera decided that backup was the better part of valor, and headed for her team, who was busy trying to kill/capture the ostensible Orgotech strike team, a project which was going rather well. By the time Ferrera returned to the scene with an Aberrant in tow all but one was unconscious or dead. The last had fled. Ferrera decided to solve this apparent problem by placing him between herself and the Aberrant, which proceeded to try and eat his face.

Subrick froze the Aberrant in place and the team proceeded to kill it over some time. Being composed of almost pure armour the thing proved highly resistant to almost all attacks. It was also capable of emitting a highly directional and quite nasty sonic pulse, which once again disabled Jones. Eventually the corpse was on fire, which was around the time that Starek notice another tilt rotor, outbound to a cargo pod launching facility. Flynn confirmed there was an Aberrant aboard. Fearing the potential flight of the team’s current people of interest, Patrice and Andromeda Willom, Starek made a few calls and subverted the normal command chain somewhat. Orgotek orbital fighters scrambled, arriving on station around seven minutes later.

Meanwhile station police where converging on Flynn, Subrick, Ferrera and the thoroughly unconscious Jones. The last surviving member of the Orgotek strike team had fled the scene, however Flynn had obtained a Psi print. The team decided now was a good time to storm the cargo launching facility, leaving the unconscious Jones in the care of the Aesculapian order.

At the facility they found that all records had been wiped beyond retrieval, and that the people of interest had departed the station with a person believed to be Nash. The acceleration profile of the pod had been altered so that it was survivable for human cargo. As luck would have it an external security camera took a still of their pod as it was leaving the facility. Due to the extreme velocity with which the pod exited the launcher the amount of retrievable data was minimal, just enough to pin the trajectory to somewhere in the orbit of Mars with an arrival time of almost a week away.

After storming the compound and finding that the data there had also been expertly destroyed the team conferred, and decided to take ship for Mars as soon as possible. With the continuous acceleration provided by actually having engines the intrepid heroes should arrive slightly before the projectile.

Shortly before departing Starek was contacted by one of his superiors at Orgotek. After further analysis it had been discovered that the team which ambushed the party were part of an elite black ops team called Option 8. Assuming the entire section is compromised there could be as many as 24 black ops trained Orgotek Electrokinetics running around the landscape.

Unanswered questions

1) Who is Nash? What are his powers? How was he restrained?
2)How compromised is Orgotek?
3)From the information gathered at Bealuac it seems that the experiments where underway for some considerable time. During this period how were the Aberrants aboard the cylinder not detected by a passing Psion? Was it merely good luck/good planning on the behalf of the conspirators, or do they have some means of shielding evidence of the Taint from passing Psions? We hope not the latter – WJ
4) We presume the Email of the Ancient Masters was a means of drawing attention away from the possibility of real Aberrant involvement. Was this the case?
5) Those dead guys. How did this occur? Were aberrant tentacles involved?

"Remnants of the Dead" Summary
Compiled by Janusz Starek

Available Team members

Janusz Starek
Juan Brimley
Mel Ferrera
Revolution Flynn
Volke Subrick
William Jones

Case 1 : Remnants of the Dead

After briefing at the Chicago Spaceport by our Trinity liaison, Mr Hector Ramirez the team proceeded to Luna, under the pilotship of Gunso Jones. The only notable luggage belonged to Mr Flynn, who brought along a “really comfy” chair, and a MARS suit. Apparently this sort of thing is common for him.

Landing on Luna five of our number proceeded to the clinic, requesting an audience with the clinic director, Dr Jerzy Grabowski. He agreed to see them after an hours delay. During which time a transmission was received and decrypted by the monitoring equipment aboard the Plato’s Cave, between the clinic director and an unknown second party, designated Minerva. Stream originated from the vicinity of Earth. Further tracing proved impossible due to the distances involved. Transcript to be found below.

Also during this time the team inspected the clinic, finding all to be in order, but a quantity of refurbishment to be underway in several areas, specifically on the psychiatric levels and the research levels which, while low in the building where not at the bottom. Revolution Flynn indicated that some of these areas where significant to, quote “the Noetic Totality”. Further details where unhelpful.

After an hour Grabowski saw the five team members present. He informed them that he knew nothing of the events at Cantor Station beyond which had been included in the report, likewise the Freak Alley Collapse. Dissatisfied with the completeness of his answers the team press for additional information, and a copy of the autopsy report for the John Doe corpse recovered in the vicinity of the Cantor Station incident. They where informed that full details had been submitted to the police, and where told to ask them for additional information.

The team was then escorted down to see the corpse. Gunso Jones inspected it and found it had been oddly mutilated, with a large number of significant muscle groups having been removed, including the biceps. Traces of obsidian where found in the wounds, possibly consistent with the type of scalpels used in the clinic.

The team then split up. Starek found a net cafe, and attempted to gather details of the contractors who where performing the ongoing renovations at the clinic. Seaman Ferrera went to the police, and requested a copy of the autopsy report. Revolution Flynn informed the team that a Gyre associated with violence was to be found in the directors office, and was last seen sitting in the corner of a pub, brushing up on his painting. Subrick infiltrated the hospital.

Seaman Ferrera returned, with the autopsy report. Starek read through it, confirming standard details, and that the body was missing (as had been observed earlier) substantial amounts of muscle tissue, the wounds of which appeared to have been treated by Vitakinesis. In addition, The body was confirmed to have an unusual amount of taint – not nothing, but relatively low levels – indicative of perhaps several weeks low level exposure to Aberrants, or possibly just acquired the Cantor station incident. (We didn’t learn that until we got the autopsy report. We observed no taint at all on the corpse).

Brimley and Gunso Jones went to inspect the site of the Freak Alley Collapse, learning nothing of weight, but returning with an old lady they had picked up returning to the sight to search for her property. Mel employed telepathy to facilitate communication with the citizen, while Mr Flynn and Mr Starek went house hunting, specifically for a ready to rent property in the vicinity of the clinic director’s home.

The facilitated communications yielded a) a number of details about how things where always getting worse b) a shady image of someone resembling an Aberrant standing in the wreckage of Freak Alley. She also claimed to have seen shadowy images of up to four other Aberrants, but since the visibility was poor and her memories seemed oddly “shaky” and “blurred”, there were no clear images of any other suspects. She also claimed to have had drugs administered to her within the Beaulac clinic, over her objections, which might have produced this memory clouding effect.

During this time Starek shared some more pertinent details of the Orgotech report from the Cantor station incident.(operated by the Aeroc Corporation – on the surface a small time Lunar mining concern). Notable features include
1) The facility had been reduced to “wreckage and corpses” by the time the Norça and Orgotek forces reached the site
2) When the reached the site two of the Aberrants were already dead. It was noted as being unlikely that the internal security forces could have done this
3)The Vitakinetics’ response time was notably “johnny-on-the-spot”
4)The John Doe corpse removed from the building was cleared of significant residual taint, and it was the team leaders impression that the doctors had no real idea a) Why he was there or b) Why he was naked

It was noted that the pressure sensors built into the emergency bulkheads surrounding Freak Alley would have recorded the pressure signature of the event which caused it’s collapse. Mr Starek went to retrieve sensor data from one of these doors, discovering the event was actually comprised of four smaller and temporally separate pressure pulses, thus reducing the probability the collapse was triggered by a single charge.

Subrick, meanwhile, was trailing Grabowski through the streets.

During this time Starek and Brimley hatched a plan whose cunning was only matched by it’s execution. Brimley disguised himself as the old lady’s quote “reprobate, low life drug dealer of a son”, while Starek disguised himself as a lawyer from Lunar legal firm “Russell, Russell and Richmond”, complete with letterhead, and briefcase. Talking their way past the security they where then defeated by the personal guard on the upper level, who wanted to known a) If they had an appointment and b) what the hell they were doing there at what was now 3am Luna time. After endeavoring to resolve the situation amicably they where given the quite reasonable choice of a) leave or b) get shot. They opted for a).

During this time Subrick investigated Grabowski’s apartment complex (leaving a fetching bloodstain on the front door), confirming the target was asleep. Seaman Ferrera then proceeded to pilfer his mind at will, discovering for the first time the extent of the situation. It appeared that the Æsculapians had been implanting bioware containing Aberrant samples into psions at the Beaulac Clinic for reasons as yet unknown.

Meanwhile, at the clinic in question Brimley decided to plum for option c). An altercation emerged between the guard and Brimley, somewhat to the surprise and dismay of Starek. Perhaps unsurprisingly the guard proved intractable, and proceeded to escalate to more forceful means of dispute resolution. Starek contributed to the emerging situation by standing back.

Realizing he was somewhat outclassed Brimley made an exit, leaving Starek to explain to the irate guard that his client was clearly mad, and even paying for the premium package was no justification for this sort of behavior. The guard elected to pursue Brimley, while Starek walked out the front door. (The guard fell down the stairs). Brimley exfiltrated, and joined him at rather a nice pub, a few blocks from the Grabowski’s apartment.

Revolution Flynn, having finished what appeared to be a quite pleasant bath, exited the bathroom and informed the team members there (Gunso Jones and Seaman Ferrera) that violence would be occurring with subject Ross shortly. The team departed for his apartment with some haste via taxi.

At the clinic director’s apartment Subrick, having received news of Mr Flynn’s warning, decided to withdraw, in the hopes of intercepting the combatant on his way into the apartment. This proved unsuccessful, as Dr Ross had bypassed him, the staircase, and even the walls using one of a worrying number of powers he appeared to have developed. When Subrick realized his mistake, and returned Dr Ross was raising the matter of his horrific mutilation with the originator of said mutilation, the good Doctor.

Swiftly convincing Mr Subrick that he couldn’t defeat Mr Ross unaided, Mr Ross turned his attention back to Grabowski. Subrick departed with some haste to get help, running into Jones, Ferrera and Flynn on the stairs. Together they returned, to find Grabowski offering to reverse Ross’s surgery. A frank exchange of views followed, during which time Dr Ross, armed with experimental biotech implants, demonstrated a) that he wasn’t willing to listen to reason b) that he was out for terminal revenge, c) the ability to throw fire and d) the capacity to become intangible at will.

After Grabowski’s unfortunate pyrokinetic demise Dr Ross was briefly brought back to the negotiating table, during which time he informed the team that Minerva was to be found at Montressor. Potentially something of a problem.

With a suspected Aberrant attack ongoing things outside the apartment building were escalating rapidly. When Brimley and Starek arrived at the scene the local commander of the ULPF was preparing for what can only be described as an artillery barrage to the third floor. Waving his Trinity card above his head Starek, with Brimley’s less flappable support, succeeded in taking temporary charge of the situation and contacting Gunso Jones within the building.

There followed a lamentable breakdown of communication. Starek wished to convey the sentiment that artillery backup was available if required. The sentiment actually conveyed was “which bit of the building do you want exploded”. Gunso Jones naturally was less than sanguine about this proposition, suggesting in frank terms he tell the ULPF to stand down.

It was at this point the full extent of the Æsculapian problem became apparent, and Special Agent Ramirez was summoned to Luna with all due haste, using a ULPF mobile secure call station.

Within the apartment Dr Ross had been immobilized by Subrick. After some considerable effort he eventually died, despite being some combination of a) On the verge of intangible and b) almost impossible to kill. ULPF forces then entered the building to administering first aid. Team Aleph members searched the scene for additional clues which might have proved compromising to operation security, or yielded further ideas as to what the hell was going on.

The body was removed under guard to a Trinity safe house. Through the further use of certain technokinetic information processing abilities (please see transcript below) it was determined that Dr Lukas Polidori, one of the second rank administrators at the clinic may have been aware of the ongoing experiments, and had elected to flee. Brimley, Seaman Ferrera and Gunso Jones then departed the Trinity safehouse to, quote “intercept” . They where shortly after detained for questioning by the ULPF, with the good Doctor. Details of the incident remain unclear, something to do with “rugby tackling” being mentioned in passing.

Conclusions and outstanding questions

Pertinent facts discovered by the investigators

1) Some aspects of Revolution Flynns reputation are exaggerated. Others are not.
2) The Æsculapian Order has been experimenting on its own psions, and potentially psions of other Orders, to create bio-enhanced psions using samples of Aberrant. This is probably not a world beating strategy to achieve their aims, whatever they may be.
3) Great care should be taken when dealing with heavy artillery.

Speculation and unanswered questions:

1) What exactly is the Æsculapian order trying to do?
2) Who is Minerva? Is She/He truly based at Montressor, the Æsculapian headquarters?
3) What were the Æsculapians doing at or near Cantor station?
4) Why did the Aberrants attack Cantor station?
5) We speculate the Aberrants were not being stored at Cantor station, but Warped in before commencing their attack. Their choice of attappears to have been just a coincidence. Was it?
6) How many enhanced psions were at Cantor station? How many exist and where are they now?
7) Who were the test subjects for the experiments? Who is “Dr Malachi Ross” and whose body was the “John Doe” at Cantor station?
8) We speculate that the disappearances of poor people within Luna city is connected in some way. The nature of this connection is unknown. Were they trying to enhance regular people with bioware derived from Aberrants or psions? If not why did they need those people, as the only known enhanced individual, Dr Ross, was a psion already. Was John Doe a psion? Was he bioware enhanced, or simply stripped for parts?
9) Did the psion bodies/wounded removed to the clinic after the Cantor station incident all get properly disposed of and/or returned to their families? If the bodies where retained what was their eventual fate?
10) We assume it was Doctor Malachi Ross who escaped from the clinic, through Freak Alley. Was this the case?
11)We believe the research was taking place in the psychiatric and research areas. There appeared to be no significant evidence of a trail of destruction on the way down, out of the building and into Freak Alley. In addition Freak Alley was several levels below the clinic itself. There was no noticeable trail of destruction from the Beaulac Clinic down to Freak Alley. Assuming it was Ross why did he descend all the way to Freak alley? Speculation – as he thought he would be more easily able to loose his pursuers there? Why did he then destroy Freak Alley?
12) These experiments could bring down the wrath of the other orders upon the Æsculapians. Could this be an attempt by some outside force to cause us to dispose of one of our most useful assets as a species?
13) The repairs to John Doe’s corpse – could they have been conducted post mortem? If not, what was the actual timeline of events at Cantor station?

Proposed courses of action

1) Investigate the Beaulac clinic in a thorough and vigorous fashion. Extract all information for later analysis.
2) Arrange for the release of Dr Lukas Polidori. Follow him at a discreet distance using Revolution Flynn’s abilities, and endeavour to find where he runs to.

This report compiled by Mr Janusz Starek – Orgotek Technical Support Division


Revolution Flynn – “Wind blows, rain falls, people die”

Janusz Starek – “He paid for the premium package! DO YOU HEAR ME! THE PREMIUM PACKAGE!”

Davy Jones, on thinking that the building he was in was about to be shelled – “WHAT”

Mel’s Minicomp Agent – “Is it secret? IS IT? IS IT? IS IT!?”

Juan Brimley – “It’s a fantastic rug, Dr Grabowski. It really ties the room together.”

Juan Brimley – “They are really lovely earrings, they really tie the room … your face … your outfit together”.

Subrick – “Just a question, Rev. Are you fabulously wealthy?”
Rev – “There are many ways in which I can be described as fabulous. Material wealth is one of them.”

Subrick – “So you’ve been part of the order since before…?”
Rev – “Yes, since before the casinos – before the general public – were aware of the psions’ existence.”

Partial Signal Transcript: Dr Grabowski (JG) and “Minerva” (M)

M: Are you all cleared up there?
JG: Yes, and I should be down there with you soon. The personnel and equipment have been moved or disposed of.
M: Apart from Ross.
JG: If Ross comes for me, we will have to deal with that at the time. I have no other option.
M: Let’s hope he doesn’t. We’ll be in contact soon.


Call Transcript: Dr Lukas Polidori (LP) to Ivan Lerma (IL)

LP: All indications are that Director Grabowski is dead. Which, I suppose, means your contract is terminated. As for me: I need to be elsewhere.



Interim Report: Gunso William Jones

William Jones

Interim Report, 21st February 2120

Upon reaching Olympus station,ISRAn Flynn advised us to investigate Beaulac Clinic at our first opportunity. After arranging to meet with Director Grabowski, for an inital briefing, ISRAn Flynn took us down to the psychiatric ward on the sixth sublevel. It had been recently been redecorated, approximately at the end of January (at the same time as the Freak Ally Collapse).

The ‘John Doe’ corpse was examined. He had had his arm muscles carefully removed with obsidian knives, while still alive.

Orgotek Specialist Starek was able to provide a great deal of background information, including a discussion between Director Grabowsky and an unidentified second party, based on Earth, who used an “Minerva” avatar. They discussed how the experimental phase was complete, and how “Ross” might “come for” Grabowski.

Norça Brimley and I investigated the Freak Alley area in person, we were able to find an elderly ex-resident, who attested to aberrants attacking the area. With the able assistance of Seaman Ferrera, we were able to ascertain that her memories were broadly accurate, and further that her memories had been chemically altered. I am unable to attest to the details, but I understand that Specialist Starek and Norça Brimley followed up by investigating these mind-altering drugs, and dicovered thatDr Polidori, assistant to Director Grabowski, had administered the drugs.

Meanwhile, the other members of the team tailed Director Grabowski to his home. Operative Subrick was in the appartment complex containing Director Grabowsku’s home when ISRAn Flynn detect the imminent arrival of Dr Malachi Ross. We responded, and engaged with Dr Ross. Unfortunately, Director Grabowsky was killed by Dr. Ross before we could disable Ross.

Dr. Ross appears to have had several Tainted bioapps implanted in him (including ‘artificial muscles’, potentially taken from John Doe). He demonstrated the ability to create fire, an ability I am told is “startlingly similar” to the lost Teleporter power “Fading”, and a power that appeared to be an Algesis effect. As he was dying, he told us to “get Minerva” and that “Minerva is high up at Montressor”.

After resolving matters with the – commendably quickly deployed – lunar forces, the investigative team ensured that Dr. Ross’ body and Director Grabowsky’s minicomp remained in Aeon control.

A transmission intercepted by Operative Starek alerted us to the fact that Dr. Polidori was “making a run for it”. The Olympus dome police force took moderate exception to our kidnapping of Dr. Polidori, but were persuaded to arrest Dr. Polidori as well as the members of the Aeon team involved in the snatch.

My current belief is that rogue Vitakinetics, under the direction of “Minerva” are attempting to develop bioapps (or possibly permanent physiological enhancements) that either emulate Aberrant capabilities, or allow the use of foreign aptitudes.

I would like to strongly advise the Æon Trinity that full mutual disclosure of the capabilities of the members of its Investigative Teams at the briefing stage should be considered an operational necessity, so as to reduce incidents of friendly Dissolution.

William Jones
Gunso, Seventh Legion

21st February 2120

Gunso Jones, personal notes.

“Fading” appears to grant improbable resistance to damage (bullets just pass through?). Would lasers, being able to penetrate a greater depth before attenuating have more effect? What if a faded person is Lattice Reinforced? Can they still be Nullified?

First Post

Here’s the first post. We may use this site to keep track of characters and store session writeups, I’m experimenting with the site so let’s see how it goes.



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