William Jones

7th Legion psychokinetic pilot and assault trooper


Strength 2

Dexterity 2
– Athletics 4

Stamina 1
– Resistance 1
– Endurance 1

Perception 2
– Awareness 0

Intelligence 2

Wits 5
– Drive 3
– Pilot 4 (Extractions 1)
– Firearms 5

Charisma 3
– Command 3 (Small Squad Tactics 1)
– Intimidate 4 (Threat of Dissolution 1)
– Style 1

Manipulation 2
– Subterfuge 3 (The Official Line 1 [Agreed lies])

Insight 2
– Rapport 1

Status 1 (Phoenix Squadron)
Resources 3 (Wealth)
Requisition 4 (Phoenix Squadron)
Reputation 2 (Dissolution Master, Amnoth Slayer)
Reputation 2 (Destiny Gyre #887)
Ally 3 (?)

Willpower 7
Psi 5

Dissolution 5
Thermokinesis 2


Born on the 17th of January 2093 in Brisbane, Australia. As a teenager, William was, frankly, not a very nice person – prone to pulling the wings of flies and so forth. Neither big enough nor strong enough to be a bully, his place tended to be a bully’s chief hanger-on and inciter.

At his parents’ insistence, he stayed in school to the end of college, finishing with lacklustre results. An ISRAn manning a recruitment stall at a local careers fair identified the nineteen year old William as a strongly latent Psychokinetic, and the combination of the opportunity for serious, real power and lack of any other career path with anything like the same level of pay, persuaded the young William to sign up with the Legions.

To his family and school friends, William is a walking advert for the benefits of military discipline, although he is acutely aware that the biggest changes in his personality were induced by his triggering. Now, he has a much nicer person – with a marked intolerance of bullying, and a very strong belief in the ‘manifest destiny’ of psions as humanity’s guardians.

After intial training, William was directed immediately into a follow-up course to help develop his skills with Dissolution, which meant that he was, technically, Phoenix Squadron’s first ‘raw’ recruit. To his disgust, he and his Biomatter Disruption were not deployed to Karoo, but held in the near-system fleet. He did, however, see extended service in the Mars conflict, where his somewhat reckless attack on the aquatic aberrant occupying the main water reservoir of Anansi dome earned him his nickname.

After a further sixth months of service, William was promoted and suspended from service on medical grounds, and returned Brisbane to take a course on Thermokinesis.

Upon return to service, William served without particular distinction, but without any noticable problems either. As a “Gunso Eternal”, he was given the standard piloting training, for which he showed a surprising aptitude.

After his destruction of Amnoth, the Worm that Devours during the attack on the Jump Ship station, Gunso Jones was, despite chronic medical problems resulting from Tain exposure, transferred into the Orbital Assault Group, the Seventh Legion’s ‘small deployments’ specialists, where he has served with distinction and success as Artilleryman/Pilot.

Over his protests, he has recently been assigned to an Æon investigative team, rather than to Khantze Lu Ge.

Gunso Jones has killed a total of 9 aberrants, 4 on Mars, 3 at the shipyard debacle, and two on other deployments. The holos of him with Amnoth are used across the legions as part of their basic training material, although are not widely circulated outside the legions.

Appearance: Gunso Jones is a very short, unhealthily pale man with startlingly blue eyes, a much-broken nose, white-blond hair (although that isn’t often seen) and, even with Æsculapians considered, a lot of faded (and not so faded) scars.

Psych Profile:
William has his eccentricities (For example willingness to subscribe to ludicrous conspiracy theories, such as “Proxy Cassel’s wife is an Aberrant cultist” and “J P Lekota is an Æon agent”) but he is considered a highly responsible soldier and psion, a relief to his superiors given his immense destructive capacity.
William has a bit of a persecution complex about clears, and attributes a lot of different things to them – for example, he believes that they arranged for his holos to be included in the basic training introductory presentations, but supressed in the media, there by maximising the embarrassment of overexcited recruits recognisng him, and minimising the glory he receives while on leave.

William Jones

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