Volke Subrick

The last teleporter on Earth


Name: Volke Subrick
Nationality: Russian Federation

Aptitude: Teleportation
Allegiance: Æon Trinity (Proteus division). Formerly of the Upeo Wa Macho (part of The Monitors).

Virtue: Charmer – Gain Willpower when you clearly provide comfort and good cheer to another.
Vice: Hedonist – Spend willpower to resist physical pleasures (this expenditure may not be necessary if the temptation has recognisably certain and severe consequences).

Initiative: +7
Movement: 5m/16m/32m

Willpower: OOOOO


Strength 1

Dexterity 4
Athletics 2
Legerdemain 4
Martial Arts 3
Stealth 4 [Lurking 5]

Stamina 2
Resistance 2


Perception 3
Awareness 3
Investigation 4

Intelligence 2
Data Systems
Linguistics 1

Wits 3
Firearms 3 [holdout pistols 4]


Charisma 3
Style 3

Manipulation 4
Savvy 3
Subterfuge 5 [J.P. Lekota 6]

Insight 3
Etiquette 3
Rapport 4 [Judging moods 5]

Languages: English, Russian. English is spoken with a faint South African accent.



History: Born on the 17th April, 2087, in the slums of Kiev, Russian Federation. Father: unknown. Mother: Katya Subrick, believed to have worked in a cover organisation for the Vor V. Zakone, now deceased. Volke Subrick fell in with his local branch from an early age, working as a negotiator, middleman, and general public face, but never getting any real authority. Is suspected to have been involved with criminal activity, but no concrete evidence has been established. Was identified as a latent by the Upeo We Macho in 2109.

== Access Prohibited. Security Level Æon 7 Required ==
Joined the Upeo, and passed the initial tests with flying colours, despite his checkered past. However, could not cope with the seemingly endless training, and began to resent the order. After a successful Long Walk from the Martian colony of Wanjing, Subrick faked his way through most of the final tests, hiding his dissatisfaction. After, quote, “lying through his teeth” in the final interview with Proxy Atwan, Subrick was awakened as a teleporter in early 2112.

Records from here are unclear. Subrick is unwilling to disclose specifics, and the Disappearance has rendered official records impossible to obtain. What is known is that after some years as a teleporter, Subrick finally let his emotions get the better of him and left the Upeo, funnelling a large quantity of money into various private holding accounts as he left. Much of this was never recovered.

Spent some time in hiding, before establishing a new identity as J.P Lekota in Sydney, Australia. Was, for whatever reason, left behind during the Disappearance. Some months after, came to Æon asking for help, unable to cope with being the last teleporter in the solar system. After consideration, it was decided Æon would shield Subrick and maintain his new identity for as long as we deemed his protection was necessary. In exchange, Subrick would work as an operative in Proteus division. Arrangement has continued for five years.

Physical Profile: Male, 5’10, tanned complexion, grey-blue eyes. Dark hair, usually slicked back. Average build. Above average agility, but little upper body strength and long-distance stamina – something not uncommon amongst teleporters.

Psych Profile: Somewhat paranoid, although he has improved over the last few years (no longer wards every room he enters against teleportation). Can be incredibly charming, although it is unsure how much is an act. Tells people what they want to hear, regardless of truth. May be a compulsive liar – seems more comfortable as J.P Lekota than “naked”, as it were. Has an appreciation of the finer things in life, probably as a result of low income upbringing.


Identity: oooo

John Paul “J.P” Lekota: party animal, darling of the Australian tabloids, and professional rich idiot
Reputation: ooo

J.P Lekota is well known in Australia for many things, none of them particularly flattering. There was a time when tales of his debauchery, extravagance, and complete lack of common sense graced the headlines every other week. It has become difficult to determine which of the stories are truth and which are urban legend, and J.P himself has done nothing to refute any claims the news channels make, no matter how slanderous or outlandish. After a sudden explosive burst onto the Australian social scene he seemed to quieten down slightly, but a new scandal still crops up every other month or so, as if to remind his adoring followers that, against all odds, he is still alive.

This was the identity that Volke established some time after fleeing the Upeo, but before the disappearance. For a while it was less his cover identity and more his actual life, but eventually two problems threatened to interfere with his now perfect lifestyle. Firstly, he began to run out of money. Secondly, the Disappearance happened.

After Volke effectively handed himself over to Æon, they decided not to let his hard work establishing a new identity go to waste, and that they should keep J.P “alive.” Although they obviously are not sustaining Volke’s playboy lifestyle, Æon are keeping the stories about J.P rolling out the press. Every month or so, they get Volke to drive a vehicle into a swimming pool, or start a new series of rumours, or dispatch some compromising videos to the news networks. Their reasoning is that as long as J.P is conducting “business” as normal, no one is really going to pry too much into his past. This is all just the tip of what is now, thanks to Æon’s help, an incredibly solid cover identity.

Recently, rumours have began circulating that J.P is, in secret, an agent working for Æon, and his playboy lifestyle is just a cover for his covert activities. Æon are quite aware of these rumours. After all, they started them. Volke is good at his job, but he is eventually going to get caught and his identity traced. People might then start wondering why notable celebrity J.P Lekota is secretly an Æon agent, unless it is well known that notable celebrity J.P Lekota is secretly an Æon agent.

Resources: oo

Standard Æon wages. Although Volke occasionally gets to throw parties and drive fast skimmers in the name of J.P Lekota, he does not get any of the actual money used to fund this, and has to give most of the goods back when he has put in his public appearance.

Status (Æon): oo

As the last teleporter on the planet, Volke enjoys a fairly unique position in the Æon hierarchy. He does not officially have much authority, but he has more pull than an agent of his rank would normally get. He also has direct contact with a number of high-ups in various divisions, although he does not have any real influence. They mostly just want to keep a personal eye on him.

Volke reports to Saul Ku Lun, who heads up the Athena group of Proteus division.

Requisition (Æon): ooo

As well as the normal requisition of equipment for missions, Volke also has some ability to requisition items for J.P Lekota if he needs to be seen in public. He can’t get away with anything ridiculous, but can usually get a decent suit and a pimped out ride, provided he gives them back intact when he’s finished.

Volke Subrick

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