Saul Ku Lun

Æon Trinity Proteus Division, Athena group commander


Saul heads up Proteus Division’s Athena group, and is therefore nominally in command of both Volke and Mel. That said, they are currently under Hector’s direct guidance and not operating on Proteus business.


Like any member of Athena, Saul’s appointment was personally approved by the Æon Council. Currently, Saul’s major concern is the bureaucratic dispute with InSurv, the branch of Triton Division assigned to surveillance and covert information gathering.

Saul and Barney Ziegler, the InSurv supervisor, have both requested that their groups be given priority over the other, so that a single individual (Saul or Barney) can coordinate the Trinity’s entire espionage and counter-espionage operations. Saul’s argument is that Athena’s remit handles highly critical situations, and therefore represents a higher degree of expertise and experience. Barney’s argument is that InSurv’s remit is wider, and therefore Athena should rightly be considered a specialist sub-branch of InSurv.

So far, neither has won out and InSurv and Athena coordinate rather poorly – when they coordinate at all.

Saul Ku Lun

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