Mel Ferrera

3rd Legion Telepath seconded to Æon Trinity, Proteus Division


Psi Aptitude: Telepathy

Virtue: Survivor
Vice: Rebel
Allegiance: Aeon Trinity Proteus Division; Phoenix Squadron


Strength 2

Dexterity 4
Athletics 5
Martial Arts 2

Stamina 2
Endurance 1
Resistance 2

Perception 4
Awareness 4
Navigation 1
Survival 1
Gunnery 3

Intelligence 1

Wits 4
Firearms 5

Charisma 2

Manipulation 3
Subterfuge 3
Xenorelations 3

Insight 3
Rapport 3

Gunnery – Spaceship combat
Rapport – Sensing lies
Pilot – Spaceships
Savvy – Small towns


Resources 3
She’s been drawing a salary from the Legion since she was 16, and with cheap living courtesy of the Legion and Aeon Trinity it’s built up over the years into a comfortable pot of savings

Devices 3
The Qin never trade or give away their weaponry. Never. If you ask Mel where she got her very peculiar looking and very lethal flechette pistol, she’ll just smile. Very few people get close enough to it to discover that no matter how they try, they cannot seem to get it to fire; or that there’s a curious tickling sensation in their mind that they just lack the capacity to respond to

Reputation 1
She’s loud, outspoken, confrontational and always in trouble – most people in Proteus Division know who she is

Ally 1
Translation assignments for Phoenix Squadron have led Mel into a reasonable amount of contact with the Qin embassy and an easy-going friendship with Rec!tu, a Qin with no apparent function except to drift around and observe humanity.

Willpower 7
Psi 5

Pure Thought

Empathy 0

Mindshare 4
The Babel Effect

Psychbending 2
Passion Identification
Will Control

Qin Flechette Pistol
Banji Bolt Autopistol
L-K Vindicator II Laser Carbine

Legions Battle Uniform

Wazukana 300E computer, with Accelerator
Alpha software Chris


Ferrera, Melanie

Physical appearance: female, 5’3”, skin olive, hair black cropped, eyes brown, figure slim, clothing typically loose fitting many pockets eg fatigues.

BIO: Born 01/01/2093 in Hope, Australia. Father: Robert Ferrera, immigrated 2069 aged 7. Mother: Catherine Byron, born Melbourne 2065. Recruited by Legion in 2109 as latent. Assigned to Support Force One 2110 and awakened as telepath by exchange with the Ministry 2111. After some disciplinary actions, seconded to newly formed Phoenix Squadron 2113. Moved between various postings 2113-2116. After severe disciplinary action seconded to Aeon Trinity 2117.

Psch Profile: Low intelligence but very perceptive and quick thinking with rapid reactions. Readily and quickly establishes connections with team mates. Quick-tempered, outspoken, argumentative, independent, proactive. Somewhat pugnacious and hates bullies. Steady nerves and reacts well under pressure. Strongly feminist, individualist and anti-authoritarian. Has trouble working in hierarchical structures. Proud of her nationality. Surprisingly conscientious and responsible in her use of and attitude towards her telepathic abilities.

Mel Ferrera

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