Hector Ramirez

Æon Trinity Liason Officer


Ramirez is the PCs’ primary link with the Æon Trinity, and has been assigned to coordinate and direct their ongoing investigation.


Hector grew up in the lap of luxury, born to wealth and privilege in Santiago. Hector’s good fortune did not spoil him, but rather instilled in him a determination to be as successful as his forebears.

This ambitious led Ramirez to the finest schools in South America, and then to Camelot University the most prestigious campus on Luna. He was recruited by Æon’s Neptune Division upon his graduation, and entered his new role with confidence and enthusiasm. He has since served as a Proteus Division field agent, before being promoted to the Liaison Office in Neptune, working with multi-Order Æon field teams.

Hector is a rising star within Neptune Division, and his superiors like to assign him sensitive, difficult and complex tasks in order to assess his true potential. Rumour within Æon holds that he is being groomed to succeed Neville Archer as Neptune Division Director, but for now there are still several rungs between Hector and the top of the ladder.

Hector Ramirez

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