Dr Viktor Raskolnikovich Renko

Director, Covenants Clinic, Boltzmann Cylinder


Dr Viktor Renko is the Director of Covenants Æsculapian Clinic on the Boltzmann Cylinder station, situated at the Earth-Luna L1 Lagrange point.

Viktor is 39 years old, has a dark complexion and of medium height and build. He cultivates the appearance of a Russian patriarch, wearing a full beard and traditional clothes that he weaves himself, incorporating Russian Orthodox iconography and biological symbols.


Viktor grew up in a part of Russia ridden with civil disorder. The Vitakinetic Order helped Renko’s family, along with many other Russian refugees, relocate to India for a more peaceful existence. He owes the Æsculapians a debt of gratitude which he repays with his service.

Dr Renko is a vitakinetic of the Port-au-Prince faction, and prefers to mix his psionic powers with alternative therapies and faith-based healing.

Dr Viktor Raskolnikovich Renko

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