Anders Nash [Deceased]

An Aberrant working with the Willoms and Dr Kriso


Nash possesses a transhuman degree of technical genius with expertise in data systems, microbiology, engineering and more besides. His powers include the ability to disrupt synaptic signals, inhumanly fast reflexes, the power to assault organic matter at the molecular level, and to regenerate his flesh by consuming the broken-down fluid produced by his molecular disruption.


Anders Nash is an Aberrant who collaborated in the part of the Huang-Marr Project that operated at Guidelight Towers owned by Linma Telcom.

Mel’s probe of Nash’s memories revealed the following:

Nash was working as an agent of Aberrant forces on Luna prior to the Jump Ship Dock attack of 2119. Following the attack he was traced back to his bolthole by an Orgotek Strike Team, incapacitated and captured, and from there was eventually transferred to Linma Telcom to provide neural tissue and technical expertise to the biorg project.

Nash subverted the computer systems at Guidelight and arranged for his fellow Aberrant Myrmex to escape.

Anders Nash [Deceased]

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