Darkness Revealed

Interim Report: Gunso William Jones

William Jones

Interim Report, 21st February 2120

Upon reaching Olympus station,ISRAn Flynn advised us to investigate Beaulac Clinic at our first opportunity. After arranging to meet with Director Grabowski, for an inital briefing, ISRAn Flynn took us down to the psychiatric ward on the sixth sublevel. It had been recently been redecorated, approximately at the end of January (at the same time as the Freak Ally Collapse).

The ‘John Doe’ corpse was examined. He had had his arm muscles carefully removed with obsidian knives, while still alive.

Orgotek Specialist Starek was able to provide a great deal of background information, including a discussion between Director Grabowsky and an unidentified second party, based on Earth, who used an “Minerva” avatar. They discussed how the experimental phase was complete, and how “Ross” might “come for” Grabowski.

Norça Brimley and I investigated the Freak Alley area in person, we were able to find an elderly ex-resident, who attested to aberrants attacking the area. With the able assistance of Seaman Ferrera, we were able to ascertain that her memories were broadly accurate, and further that her memories had been chemically altered. I am unable to attest to the details, but I understand that Specialist Starek and Norça Brimley followed up by investigating these mind-altering drugs, and dicovered thatDr Polidori, assistant to Director Grabowski, had administered the drugs.

Meanwhile, the other members of the team tailed Director Grabowski to his home. Operative Subrick was in the appartment complex containing Director Grabowsku’s home when ISRAn Flynn detect the imminent arrival of Dr Malachi Ross. We responded, and engaged with Dr Ross. Unfortunately, Director Grabowsky was killed by Dr. Ross before we could disable Ross.

Dr. Ross appears to have had several Tainted bioapps implanted in him (including ‘artificial muscles’, potentially taken from John Doe). He demonstrated the ability to create fire, an ability I am told is “startlingly similar” to the lost Teleporter power “Fading”, and a power that appeared to be an Algesis effect. As he was dying, he told us to “get Minerva” and that “Minerva is high up at Montressor”.

After resolving matters with the – commendably quickly deployed – lunar forces, the investigative team ensured that Dr. Ross’ body and Director Grabowsky’s minicomp remained in Aeon control.

A transmission intercepted by Operative Starek alerted us to the fact that Dr. Polidori was “making a run for it”. The Olympus dome police force took moderate exception to our kidnapping of Dr. Polidori, but were persuaded to arrest Dr. Polidori as well as the members of the Aeon team involved in the snatch.

My current belief is that rogue Vitakinetics, under the direction of “Minerva” are attempting to develop bioapps (or possibly permanent physiological enhancements) that either emulate Aberrant capabilities, or allow the use of foreign aptitudes.

I would like to strongly advise the Æon Trinity that full mutual disclosure of the capabilities of the members of its Investigative Teams at the briefing stage should be considered an operational necessity, so as to reduce incidents of friendly Dissolution.

William Jones
Gunso, Seventh Legion

21st February 2120

Gunso Jones, personal notes.

“Fading” appears to grant improbable resistance to damage (bullets just pass through?). Would lasers, being able to penetrate a greater depth before attenuating have more effect? What if a faded person is Lattice Reinforced? Can they still be Nullified?



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